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PHOTOLITA is an antidote to Photoshop, reflecting a growing rejection amongst artists of the ubiquitous ease of a digital aesthetic. The artist's role is to say no to the common currency and to find their own way.

The group of artists within this show have chosen to work with analogue photographic processes drawing on the unpredictability of light and the deliberate pursuit of chance. Away from the screen and in the sunlight or darkroom there is a less control, and a directness that can be open-ended, creatively satisying and risk-taking. The artists are guided by their own restless interest in the world, and their perspective in PHOTOLITA is the recognition of incomplete knowledge.

The work experiments with the earliest forms of photography, cyanotope and van dyke, liquid emulsion, instant Polaroid, infrared and panoramic film, pinhole and cameraless photography.



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