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For the inaugural show, fifteen artists have been invited to explore the possibilities of anonymity.

ANOPSEUDONONYMOUS 17/04/09 - 10/05/09

For some, anonymity is a liberation, permitting the new or hidden to surface; for others, it prompts questions about authorship, identity and disclosure. Working in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture and video, the un-named participants have chosen distinctive approaches: an established painter submits his practice to a series of arbitrary limitations which force him to work outside both his comfort and his personal responsibility, a young couple collaborate for the first time and entertain the loss of individuality threatened by intimacy, whilst another artist addresses anonymity through the figure of an unidentified mourner at the funeral of a screen icon.

Together, the works in ANOPSEUDONONYMOUS constitute an ambitious experiment in namelessness, which is at once refreshingly coy and provocatively utopian.


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