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The Multiplicity of a Moment
Laura Eldret and Sarah Williams
15 October 7 November 2010
Private View: Thursday 14 October 6-9pm

The Multiplicity of a Moment is a two-person exhibition of new works by Laura Eldret and Sarah Williams. The exhibition explores the tensions of a live moment between a viewer, and a series of objects and scenarios, how these interactions are transmitted; from the past, into the future and beyond the gallery parameters.

Williams' works are paired down and minimalist in form drawing attention to the materiality of the surface, while Eldret's works continue her interest in the co-existence of polarities and are derivative of appropriated forms.

Aspiring to a monumental staging of an opera like exhibition, the artists' practices meet in their mutual interest in the inhabiting of the exhibition space by spectators as an intrinsic element to the work. As such these artworks hesitate on the lines of definition; sculpture, props, platforms or something 'other'.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an essay by Marianne Mulvey, available at the gallery from 28th October, with live reading on First Thursday, 4 November, 6-9pm.


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